Traditional village Parthenon at an altitude of 350m. Unique excursion for a walk, coffee, food. The view from the village is magical. If you visit it in the afternoon, you will also enjoy the sunset. In the morning, the Folklore Museum of the Parthenon, which is a building of 1908, is open.

Koviou is a small bay, wedged on the rocky coastline between Ai Giannis and Kalogria, about 6km south of Nikiti. The water has a fantastic greenish color and the beach has fine white sand.

Impressive and popular tourist beach with crystal clear blue waters, next to a pine forest.

Kelifos is an island in the Aegean Sea and more specifically in the Gulf of Toroneos. The islet has an area of ​​1.5 sq.km. and in the 2011 census it was uninhabited. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Sithonia. It also opens in the municipal district of Neos Marmaras.


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